Warszawa (PL) – Special Mention


Team Representative: Michał Purski (PL) – architect; Contributor: Inez Wawszczyk (PL) – student in architecture

Szwoleżerów, 23, 25-152 Kielce, (PL)
+48661616722- michal.purski@gmail.com 

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M. Purksi & I. Wawszczyk



1. How did you form the team for the competition?

At our architectural studio atelier-purski we are convinced, that the fusion of different sensivities, ideas, interests can create  new value. That is why we decided to ask a graduate of our drawing school – Inez Wawszczyk – currently an architecture student, to participate with us in Europan.

2. How do you define the main issue of your project, and how did you answer on this session main topic: the place of productive activities within the city?

Since the beginning, our main idea was to create structure that not only eliminates inconveniences that are generated by heavy industry, but also offer the society new valueable functions, that are determined by context, surrounding, and potentials that we found. It was also important to find solutions, that can be transposed on other heavy industry objects that struggle with similar problems.


3. How did this issue and the questions raised by the site mutation meet?

The site's mutation brings an opportunity to give a new value by creating multifunctional structure, while keeping its identity and industrial character. Our structure connects blocked links, gathers functions that can work in this context, is kind of not only closed circuit, but also catalyst of waste for whole the city.


4. Have you treated this issue previously? What were the reference projects that inspired yours?

This project is a kind of summary of our analysis of how should heavy industry objects function in town. While being started they were placed usually on the border of the city, but now due to the urban sprawl thay are not. Although emissions are not a problem now, scale of object, its inaccesibility and noise really are. Another problem we had to face was inefficiency usage of space and energy, and that heavy industry objects usually get large amount of energy form the city not “giving back” anything.


5. Urban-architectural projects like the ones in Europan can only be implemented together with the actors through a negotiated process and in time. How did you consider this issue in your project?

It was highly important to research and analyse the real needs of people living in the Huta Warszawa neighbourhood, Arcelor Mittal authorities needs and city planners' visions for whole city development plans. This is the only way of thinking about development process that brings real value for whole the users.

6. Is it the first time you have been awarded a prize at Europan? How could this help you in your professional career?

Yes, it is the first time we have participated, and have been awarded in Europan. It gives us a great confidence in finding new ideas, and implementing them in other projects. What is more, Europan is also a valueable platform for young architects to shape and implement thair ideas. Even if they will not be realized, whole the logical process being led will improve their view on architecture.



Office: Purksi
Functions: Architecture, Urbanism, Art
Average age of the associates: 23.5 years old

Has your team, together or separately, already conceived or implemented some projects and/or won any competition? If yes, which ones?

As a team no, but separetly yes :

Michał Purski –

  • Krakow University of Technology Leaflet - 1st place
  • Warsaw University of Technology Campus – student competition
  • Library on Smolna Street – student competition - 2nd place

Inez Wawszczyk –

  • Project of the year 2018 on Silesian University of Technology – student competition - 1st place
  • How on Earth, Archasm 2018 – special mention
  • Moto-sensor Path, Krakow 2017 – student compeition - 1st place
  • Masterplan of Chorzów -student competition – special mention
  • Krakow University of Technology Leaflet – special mention
  • Project of the year 2017 on Silesian University of Technology – student competition - 1st place