E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Small Room, Big Window

München (DE) – Runner up

Team Representative: Jesús Vassallo (ES) – architect 
Contributors: Yingying Guan (CN) – architect; Yulong Li (CN), Evio Isaac (US) – students in architecture

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J. Vassallo, Y. Guan, E. Isaac & Y. Li

"The project works at two levels. As an urban proposal it tries to give more definition to an urban landscape that is very open and slightly undifferentiated. At an architecture level it tries to generate diversity of form and use through the repetition of a consistent constructive module. It is precisely the attempt to create diversity with limited means, and at these different scales, that connects the project to the main topic of the 14th session. "


Frontal view of the building
View of the interior of the units


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