E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Toulouse (FR) - Special Mention

Team Representative: Julien Romane (FR) – architect
Associates: Antonin Amiot (FR) – landscape engineer; Geoffrey Clamour (FR) – architect
Contributors: Elise Triacca (FR) – urbanist architect; Thierry Maeder (CH) – geographer

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G. Clamour, A. Amiot, E. Triacca & J. Romane 

Our response was to make resource management the foundation of a coherent spatial project. The technique, urban form, economic and social aspects work together with the landscape to form a productive and sustainable urbanism. New solidarities are thus generated and retrace the lost link between Toulouse and its agricultural plain, while reconnecting the valley of Hers, the zone of activity and the future ZAC. Cross-country roads are structured from East to West along which "added values" form to combine resource management equipment, mixed programs and public spaces. 
This new network, boosting the existing fabric, also tends to reduce pressure on the land and questions the programming and construction needs of Balma-Gramont ZAC, whose project extends over Lauragais' arable land.

Aerial view of the project: re-weaving the 
resources of the territory
Axonometric view of Garrigue square
Perspective of the square of Garrigue
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