E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


TornioHaparenda (FI/SE) - Special Mention

Team Representative: Matthew Ashton (SE) – architect
Associate: Sofie Tolf (SE) – architect  

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M. Ashton & S. Tolf

Rather than developing a traditional urban plan with streets, built volumes and public spaces, as called for by the project brief, we took a more experimental approach, and produced a series of speculative typologies and strategies which aimed at questioning our current perception of the border. While our proposed interventions may appear quite eccentric, most of them are actually based upon existing and historic border situations found around the world, with many based on the specificities and peculiarities of the Swedish-Finnish border. We wanted to use Tornio-Haparanda as a testing ground to speculate on how certain interventions could operate in the local context and begin to stimulate new forms of transnational urbanism.  

Masterplan & the strategic axis: the New Borderlands  
Boulevard of Sovereignties

Border games & transgressive typologies
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