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Lille (FR) - Special Mention

Team Representative: Clément Devignes (FR) – architect
Associates: Guillaume Anrys (BE), Dominique Lerche (FR), Antoine Muller (FR) – architects 

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D. Lerche, C. Devignes & G. Anrys

In the context of the ‘Bois-Blancs’ island and the productive city, we chose to approach the subject by the culture instead of the productivity. We wish to propose a development of the city more in connection with its environment. URBAN CULTURE is the vision of the city and the cyclic and sustainable productivity, opposed to the linear and consumerist industrial model of the 19th and 20th century. It is a way to question the relation with the workplaces, the transmission of knowledge by art and crafts and the place of housing. The workplaces are redesigned, they are open, changeable and hybrid. But also, the housing which can also contain workspaces to favour the personal initiatives. As well as the public place between workplaces and housing, they are generous, fluid, widely opened favouring the exchanges, the meeting and the innovation. We created synergies in the neighbourhood.By joining the metropolitan territory made by sites of excellence, we propose that the ‘Bois-Blancs’ island becomes a site of excellence for the construction of the city of the 21st century. In connection with 'Euratechnologies' and the harbour of Lille, new places of researches and production are developed on 'Boschetti' site and new mixed architectural models between activities and housing on the site of 'Marx Dormoy' swimming pool.  

Masterplan of Urban Culture: 2 new polarities
connected by the Deûle river
Axonometric view: marx dormoy swimming 
pool site 

Sections of housing units in Marx
Dormoy swimming pool site
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