E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Oulu (FI) - Winner

Team Representative: Paula Manzano Salcedo (ES) – architect Associates: Francisco Holguín Aguilera (ES), Argimiro Macías Mojón (ES), Antonio Torres Sanz (ES) – architects

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A. Torres Sanz, P. Manzano Salcedo, F. Holguín Aguilera & A. Macías Mojón  

"The first goal that we worked on was the recognition of the site. In this sense, through an identification of the existing programs, built volumes and urban voids, we found the weaknesses and the areas of opportunity of the place of intervention. So in this way of understanding the problems and how to make productive a contemporary city, we took the inputs of the place specific features. We soon perceived that one of the biggest mistakes of the current urban plan is the great amount of existing carpark zones. Actually, these kind of spaces represent an obsolete city model that goes against future city concepts like hybridization and compactness. These huge carpark surfaces are not only a lost of space in terms of local economy and sustainability but an unnecessary amount of voids acting in the opposite way of urban diversity and complexity."


Playground replacing carparks
Ground perspective of the project


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