E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Weaving Energies

Grigny & Ris-Orangis (FR) - Winner

Team Representative: Julia Lenoir (FR) – architect
Associates: Guillaume Duranel (FR) – urbanist architect; Frédéric Blaise (FR) – architect
Contributor: Robin Apolit (FR) – wood engineer, specialist in renewable energies & methanisation 

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F. Blaise, G. Duranel, J. Lenoir & R. Apolit 

"Our approach consists of weaving spatial actions with programmatic and economical strategies. We developed two sides of the Productive City: a professional training and a production of renewable energies within urban area. The proposal focuses on existing resources on the site and weaves them in order to both transform the urban spaces and the economical fabric of the territory. The economical programing emerges from a sustainable territorial strategy and a professional training program built in coherence with the territory."


Platform of resources
Axonometric view
The Lazare Project for innovative businesses


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