E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Acclimater la Vallée

Guebwiller (FR) - Runner up

Team Representative:  Louis Caux (FR) – architect Associate: Margaux Limon (FR) – landscape designer

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L. Caux & M. Limon  

"Once we read the subject of E14, our approach to this territory was centred on the analysis of landscape patterns and on the urban economy. This double analysis mixed with readings on related subjects led us to the following problematic : How can we locally acclimatize the valley to new planetary conditions, in order to regenerate a common territory?
As a response, the project perceives the city as a circular metabolism where forgotten places shape "microclimates". We define them as a very localized set of favorable conditions for specific interactions, frugal in energy, favouring alternative mobilities, innovation and the circularity of resources. That is why we bet on substituting the productive city for a contributive city."


Urban economy and "microclimates"
Axonometric view
Ground perspective of the project


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