E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Platja de Palma (ES) - Runner up

Team Representative: Guillem Pons Ros (ES) – architect Associate: Carme de Cara Nadal (ES) – architect

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G. Pons Ros & C. de Cara Nadal  

"At the first glance of the site, its context seems unredeemable. The kind of ‘glorified’ sea front, aggressively developed for a ‘tourist-only’ industry, saddly anticipates the neglected back devoid of any vibrant activity or residential asset. We realised that the main challenge was to face this antagonsim by negotiating between a larger ambition – a fundamental change of the current model – and a more ‘in situ’ set of actions to instigate a visible urban transformation. We understood that the shift towards a more productive environment could only happen in this case with a simultaneous transformation of the two."


The negotiated urban fabric
Streetview of the project
Masterplan of the project


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