E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Die Fabrik

Kriens (CH) - Winner

Team Representative: Konrad Scheffer (DE) – architect Associate: Sarah Haubner (DE) – architect

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S.Haubner & K. Scheffer 

"The productive city, to us, is not limited to the production of goods, but entails a productive way of living together. The project encourages the inhabitants to actively engage with their environment, to collaborate, build, and present their work. Different degrees of public and private allow to continuously redefine the character of a space. An exterior workshop area for example may transform into an outdoor-exhibition space. The productive activities we propose to implement are smaller manufacturers with new technologies that require less space and produce fewer emissions. These businesses benefit from public exposure, which enhances the appreciation of product and processes. In that respect, the inner city offers ideal conditions."


Turbinenplatz as the entrance court
Axonometric view of the site
Werkhof as the collective centre


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