E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Two Cities, One Heart

TornioHaparenda (FI) - Winner

Team Representative: Vilma Autio  (FI) – architect Associates: Hanna Kuivalainen (FI), Maija Parviainen (FI) – architects

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V. Autio, H. Kuivalainen & Maija Parviainen 

"The primary issue of our project has been to support the co-existence and to celebrate the global uniqueness of the TornioHaparanda twin city through spatial design strategies; as well as to create opportunities for different productive activities within the urban fabric. Our interpretation of productivity ranged from small scale production and distribution to businesses and remote work. The main design intervention to cater to these functions was the transformation of the route E4 that runs through the competition area into a productive urban boulevard that offers flexible raw space by a busy route for all of the forementioned activities."


Perspective of the project from 
Tornio Riverbank
View of the City Hall from the Loop


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