E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Madrid (ES) - Runner up

Team Representative: Santiago Cifuentes Barrio  (ES) – architect
Contributors: Eva Cuadrado (ES), Juan Francisco Buendía – architects

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S. Cifuentes Barrio  

"The purpose of the competition was to reorganize six squares in Madrid, located in the surroundings of Gran Vía, the main axial centrality of Madrid, congested by the permanent flux of visitors and a very important volume of road traffic. From the very beginning we saw very clearly that our project could not be limited to an urban design intervention for each public space. On the contrary, we believed that it was a real opportunity to think about a global strategy for the urban redevelopment of the city centre, integrating the reorganization of pedestrian and green areas, vehicle traffic and urban and productive facilities."


Aerial of Plaza del Carmen
Masterplan of the projet
Groundscape strategy
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