E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Zwickau (DE) - Winner

Team Representative: Stephan Schwarz (AT) – urbanist architect
Associates: Ingrid Sabatier-Schwarz (FR), Ferdinand Schmelzer (DE) – urbanist architects; Lena Flamm (DE) – landscape architect
Contributors: María del Rocío Díaz Marrero  (ES) - architect

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S. Schwarz, I. Sabatier-Schwarz, F. Schmelzer & L. Flamm

"Zwickau needed new ideas and visions, on a larger scale, for its city centre, in particular the mono-functional residential units located in the Eastern part of the city, along the Mulde River. After visiting Zwickau and meeting up with members of the city council, it seemed evident to us that a soft and flexible long-term strategy was needed rather than a rigid classical master plan in order to address the challenges raised by the task in Zwickau. A long walk through the city and the project area showed clearly that the whole central part of the city has a huge unused potential, and that it simply required a productive update of the existing urban fabric. The main objective of our proposal is to infiltrate this existing urban landscape with new productive layers in order to create an intensified and more heterogeneous urban environment at a human scale. By urban landscape we address the current building structure as well as the connection to public spaces. This includes multi-coded spaces, with various functions: areas of recreation, urban habitat as well as urban production. With this strategy the city is reinterpreted as a heterogeneous interwoven place for living, working, producing and responding resiliently to future adaptations."


2030: first steps of the project
Perspective of the project:
Productive Paradies
View of the housing units
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