E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Learning From Tubize

Tubize (BE) - Runner up

Team Representative: Simone Valerio (IT) – urbanist architect
Associates: Stijn Elsen (BE) – architect; Frederik Vandyck (BE) – architectural & urban theorist; Pauline Durand (FR) – architect urbanist
Collaborator: Tom Uytendaele (BE) – landscape architect

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S. Valerio, T. Uytendaele, P. Durand, F. Vandyck & S. Elsen

"Being aware of Tubize's productive past, it becomes clear that the main issue is the reconstruction of a mixed-use landscape that establishes the lost connection between living, working and dwelling. By investigating different types of economic activities and potential initiatives from the population, we depicted what productivity means for the suburb and proposed a resilient system able to satisfy actual needs and anticipate future demands. Diversity is required in terms of typology and program to activate this urban generator."


Axonometric view of the project
A productive juxtaposition
The Ateliers
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