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Œconomie territoriale

Toulouse (FR) - Winner

Team Representative: Lucile Ado (FR) – urbanist architect
Associates: Alessandro Benacchio (IT), Perrine Frick (LI)  – urbanist architects
Contributor: Rocco Azziz Marafatto (IT) – architect

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A. Benacchio, L. Ado, P. Frick & R.A. Marafatto

Our project set up a crossed approach between urban design and planning, and proposes tools for both concepts. The topic and the competition in itself called for this crossed approach. We looked at Toulouse metropolitan gate as a door opened on a wide and fertile landscape, looking forward to understand its ability to improve the current condition of this buffer zone. In this particular case, it is not properly a suburban area. Here in Toulouse, urban, commercial, industrial, agricultural and natural spots occur without creating a new urban condition. They CO-exist. Deeply enhanced inside this specific territory, the project aims to raise punctual strengths more than applying a brand-new layer. To us, big trends and low signals for positive changes are both powerful. Productiveness is seen as a resilient capacity to reduce, reuse, recycle, upgrade and reveal everything that is already there. Inside a complex mechanism of systems where everything is interdependent and moving fast, "urban productivity" is when the different components are moving ahead in a symbiotic way.


Perspective of the project
The project of the Agriparc
The crossing shopping centre


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