E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

HOUSE the Productivity

Warszawa (PL) - Runner up

Team Representative: Borys Kozlowski (PL) – architect
Associate: Barbara Jakubowska (PL) – architect

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B. Kozlowski & B. Jakubowska

In principle, we have defined three problem statements, which formed the basis for project's strategy. The post-war Warsaw is inseparably connected to production. Many post-industrial sites still await the regeneration to cherish city's history and embrace the uniqueness of that condition. We understood that production cannot be considered as entirely homogenous and needs to be treated in the context of different scales. Thirdly, we targeted current insufficiency of a flexible public space, an arena for interaction, free for appropriation and sharing ideas.


Ground perspective of the project
Productive streets: meeting point of 
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