E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Besançon (FR) - Winner

Team Representative: Clara Loukkal (FR) – architect, urban planner, landscaper & geographer
Associate: Benoît Barnoud (FR) – architect & landscaper

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B. Barnoud & C. Loukkal

The question of the productive city finds resonance on three scales. First, it is a transnational cluster across France, Germany and Switzerland which must support the industrial dynamism of the Jura region. At the urban scale, the large radials are the vectors of urban change. Lastly, the Bouloie campus is linked to the territory with two complementary itineraries: Jurassic track and Jurassic trail.


Macro mecanics: Besançon the meander
Jurassic Track
Micro mecanics: the Bouloie-Temis link


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