E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Urban Platform. Digital Work and Placemaking for Piarcoplein

Amsterdam Piarcoplein (NL) - Runner up

Team Representative: Michele Angelo Valliceli (IT) – architect
Associates: Giulia Panadisi (IT), Annalisa Pilati (IT) – architects

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M. Valliceli, G. Panadisi & A. Pilati  

We looked at the way in which new digital technologies are transforming workplace, responding to this through physical and digital connectivity. We wanted to propose from the beginning a digital infrastructure capable of making a local and collaborative environment at the district scale - a City OS. From the physical side, our point was to go beyond the idea of co-working or collaborative spaces, making workplaces part of the urban space. 

Urban Platform. Digital Work & Placemaking
Modular structures under the railway tracks
Perspectives of the project different levels


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