E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Linz (AT) - Runner up

Team Representative: Andrea Chiarelli (IT) – architect
Associates: Enrico Ferraresi (IT) – architect; Gabriella Dora Romito (IT) – urbanist architect; Giacomo Magnani (IT) – urbanist

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A. Chiarelli, G. D. Romito, E. Ferraresi & G. Magnani

Designing an open and adaptable system plays a crucial role in enabling a successful re-introduction of productive activities in the urban fabric. Thinking across scales and fields, from urban morphology to governance, was another key move for us. FABLINZ is both a new piece of city as well as an ecosystem of stakeholders. Its aim is to foster innovation by nurturing new collaborations and regenerating the neighbourhood. That is the core of FABLINZ, and that reflects in every part of it - from the management structure to the physical implementation. The relationships and the sharing are managed by a non-profit agency that allows a better coordination, identity creation and citizen participation. The scheme includes commercial, stores, housing, shared spaces, shared services, and everything you need to define a new neighbourhood as a piece of city, "within a resilient, welcoming and open urban space".


A flexible urban network - resilient to 
New development opening up to its 

The Commons of Production: a vision
of shared knowledge
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