E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Helsinki (FI) - Winner

Team Representative: Lotta Maria Kindberg (FI) – architect
Associates: Rachel Sari-Dewi Murray (NZ), Nea Helena Tuominen (FI) – architect

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N. Tuominen, L. Kindberg & R. Murray

The project deals with the expansion of Helsinki city towards the Eastern suburban area of Laajasalo, transforming a desolate highway into an active urban boulevard. Our design first identifies the site's existing places of productivity, and establishes a key East-West pedestrian street to connect them. At Laajasalo, we considered productivity in two ways: firstly, the existing urban amenities in the Eastern town centre; and secondly, the forest, wetlands and sea - an ecological production system - on the west. This link concentrates future mixed-use development along a city to sea connection, strengthening Laajasalo's identity and fostering community activity and vitality.


A former highway turned into a lively urban 
Strategic connections 

Masterplan of the project: connection
between the existing town & the artificial island
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