E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Amsterdam Piarcoplein (NL) - Winner

Team Representative: Federica Andreini (IT) – architect
Associates: Mattia Biagi (IT), Annachiari Bonora (IT), Valeria Lollobattista (IT), Marco Mondello (IT), Valerio Socciarelli (IT) – architects

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V. Socciarelli, A. Bonora, F. Andreini, V. Lollobattista, M. Biagi & M. Mondello

In this situation, and since the very beginning, we thought that it was strategic to typologically think about the future Piarcoplein as a square, in order to carry out the topic of productive city. This way, it will enable to better receive all the systems arriving there, both ecological and transport, and to foster vibration, affluence and proximity within the neighbourhood. A square is, above all, a precise answer to the demands inherent in the theme of rethinking the productive city. Historically, it is a hybrid space that offers itself as support for different aspects of city life. Since a square is naturally characterized by compresence and proximity of activities, it can interpret and give space to a new idea of production, more circular and diffused. 

Perspective of the project
Axonometric view: insertion in the area

The border
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