E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Lille (FR) - Winner

Team Representative: Édouard Cailliau (FR) – architect
Associate: Thomas Lecourt (FR) – architect
Contributors: Delphin Colin (FR) – landscaper; Romain Leignel (FR) – illustrator

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E. Cailliau, T. Lecourt, D. Colin & R. Leignel 

It is a multi-scalar reflection. The answer was iteratively built between uses and rhythms. How does the city (an organism) live throughout the day (from morning to evening), as the week goes on (working days and weekends) and as the year progresses (the sequence of seasons)? Thus, project situations appeared on the project sites and beyond, with the aim of focusing on the existing city and the landscape in place, in short: to the « déjà-là » (already present). By a fine dosage and attention to context, the productive city appeared on different scales, from the metropolitan to the ultra local, to avoid the pitfall of a zoning response not adapted to the island of Bois Blancs. 

Axonometric view of the project: Marx Dormoy
Perspective of the Garden of Planty
Timeline: four crucial steps leading the project
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