E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Waterfront Twist

Helsinki (FI) – Runner up

Team Representative: Jari Lonka (FI) – architect Associate: Antti Mentula (FI) – architect
Contributors: Matias Celayes (AR), Julio Orduña Sanches (FI) – 3D designers


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J. Lonka, A. Mantula, J. Orduña Sanches & M. Celayes 

"In the future much of the expansion of Helsinki region will be based on the transformation of highways into urban boulevards. We saw the competition as a chance to explore the possibilities of this future field of design and to come up with new innovative solutions proactively. When it comes to productivity there’s a vast unharnessed resource in the energy and ideas of people regardless of their status as residents, workers, entrepreneurs etc. We believe that creativity and unexpected solutions emerge when given a chance. "


Aerial view of the site project
Urban synergy implementations:
Ground & First Floor
Urban synergy implementations
for residents & businesses


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