E15 Sites - Borås (SE)

Steel Plant Ecosystem

Site Location Gässlösa, Borås
Project Scales XL/L - territory / urban + architecture
Site Family CHANGING METABOLISM - Multiplying and connecting agencies
Post-competition phase Urban studies in collaboration with the City of Borås

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Gässlösa is transforming into an integrated part of the urban fabric with homes, work-places, culture and services. The task is to plan a sustainable neighbourhood that can grow along the river Viskan, making good use of the river, parks and nearby recreational areas. The area offers a good opportunity to combine existing old buildings, spaces and businesses with new developments and sustainable ways of living to create a new type of transformative city. The site location is easily accessible, just 1 km from the train sta-tion, city centre and new road connections. Gässlösa should be socially linked with its surroundings, using green and blue elements to connect the new area with the existing urban fabric, and thereby linking people together. Exposure to diversity, different cultural expressions and lifestyles will inspire new ideas, perspectives and greater tolerance. Access to education, community, security, health, equality, integration and culture should all be priorities.

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