BorĂ¥s (SE)


Project scale XL/L - territory / urban + architecture

Location Gässlösa, Borås

Population 110,000 inhabitants

Strategic site 720 ha - Project site 58 ha

Site proposed by City of Borås

Actors involved City of Borås

Owner of the site City of Borås, private sector

Commission after competition Urban studies in collaboration with the City of Borås

Team representative Architect - urbanist - landscaper

More Information

How can the site contribute to a productive city?

Gässlösa is transforming into an integrated part of the urban fabric with homes, work-places, culture and services. The task is to plan a sustainable neighbourhood that can grow along the river Viskan, making good use of the river, parks and nearby recreational areas. The area offers a good opportunity to combine existing old buildings, spaces and businesses with new developments and sustainable ways of living to create a new type of transformative city. The site location is easily accessible, just 1 km from the train sta-tion, city centre and new road connections. Gässlösa should be socially linked with its surroundings, using green and blue elements to connect the new area with the existing urban fabric, and thereby linking people together. Exposure to diversity, different cultural expressions and lifestyles will inspire new ideas, perspectives and greater tolerance. Access to education, community, security, health, equality, integration and culture should all be priorities.

City strategy

Borås aims for a city structure that supports sustainable development, and a society with equal and comfortable living conditions for all its inhabitants. This modern city is transformative and sustainable: there are spaces in this city structure that can accommodate change, and are accepting of new ideas and ways of living over time. Textiles and commerce are the legacy and future of Borås: through pride in historic industry and utilization of its remnants, new sustainable innovations and businesses can be developed. People, activity and business make a city. The new city grows along green parks and Viskan. New ideas and innovations found here would be a template for future urban development as the rest of the city grows.

Site definition

Gässlösa is located 1km south of Borås city centre and is part of Borås’ textile history. It´s an area near the city centre that is now possible to develop due to the re-location of the sewage plant south of the city. Today, the area consists of a low-rise settlement of mixed businesses, commerce and small industries in the building and construction sector. Gässlösa is located in the valley of Viskan which is an open landscape surrounded by forested hills. On the hills, there are exercise trails and other recreational opportunities. Through the area, the river Viskan creates a green and blue path, and southwest of the area lies St Sigfrids Chapel and the park-like cemetery.

How is production inserted in the urban diversity programme?

Future places for study and work will be developed in urban environments. The link between education-research-innovation-work is likely to be significant. More work will be information-based. This development will be promoted by, as well as contribute to, a dense and urban environment. An urban environment is both sustainable and more productive. It is here people meet, innovations develop, and business ideas grow. Textile production has historically centralized around Viskan, and this is where Borås continues to grow as a dense and mixed city. Along Viskan and Gässlösa, new urbanization can be developed in harmony with historic settlements. Creative activities can take place in the old buildings; ideas and city nurture each other. The local economy will be diversified and resilient against cyclical fluctuations. The urban environment will be lively, inclusive and well adapted to environmental change.

Aerial view from the North - former water treatment plant
Street view
Viskan river
Cemetery of St. Sigfrid

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