E15 Sites - Champigny-sur-Marne (FR)

Lost Highway

Site Location Champigny, EPT Paris-Est Marne et Bois administrative territory, Métropole du Grand Paris (greater metropolitan Paris
Project Scales  XL/L - territory / urban + architecture
Site Family CHANGING METABOLISM - Multiplying and connecting agencies
Post-competition phase Conceptual studies, urban planning and landscape project management, project management

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The eastern service road VDO (Voie de Desserte Orientale) was to be a connection to another motorway but has now been abandoned. The land that was set aside for this has been preserved from urbanization for the past thirty years. It is a vast ecological and land resource that raises issues of mobility and local and metropolitan access. The EUROPAN site is part of area occupied in the 1960s by a Portuguese refugee shanty town and corresponds to a section of the abandoned VDO project in Champigny-sur-Marne. The site raises questions on the future of a territory that to be conquered from its fringes, characterized by the backsides of mono-functional areas and neighbouring apartment blocks. How can this long neglected territory be reinvested to become a driving force of urban requalification and intensification? How can a neglected site be transformed into a productive area while keeping to a minimum the area of land to be constructed? What type of solution would preserve the ecological corridor while simultaneously introducing new uses and activities? How to design the city of tomorrow?