E15 Sites - Floirac (FR)

Between Garonne and Parc des Coteaux

Site Location Floirac, Bordeaux Métropole, Bordeaux Euratlantic (OIN) urban planning operation of national interest / Floirac Garonne Plain southern sector
Project Scales L - urban + architecture
Site Family CREATING PROXIMITIES - Interfaces and short cycles
Post-competition phase Conceptual studies, urban planning and landscape management, project management

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
On the edge of both a dense city and the Euratlantique project site, the Garonne Plain southern sector appears as a territory of juxtaposed, isolated, self-sufficient parcels or activities: a shopping centre, sensitive industries, an artisanal zone closed off from the nearby neighbourhoods under constructed, etc. However, this territory has untapped resources: an entrance to the metropolitan area, accessible riverfront, proximity to a large nature area, etc. The productive city here consists in creating an "interface site" that will lead to urban de-compartmentalization. It raises issues of accessibility and connection, openness to the countryside, reintegration of natural and ecological stability, but also issues of programming and architecture that could transform the image and role of this new metropolitan gateway.

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