Floirac (FR)


Project scale L - urban + architecture

Location Floirac, Bordeaux Métropole, Bordeaux Euratlantic (OIN) urban planning operation of national interest / Floirac Garonne Plain southern sector

Population Floirac 17,000 inhabitants, Greater Metropolitan Bordeaux 760,000 inhabitants

Strategic site 200 ha - Project site 32 ha 

Site proposed by Bordeaux Métropole (greater metropolitan Bordeaux), EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique (public development agency), City of Floirac, Caisse des Dépôts, GPV Rive Droite

Actors involved RTE (electricity distribution hub), CEETRUS real-estate developer

Owner of the site RTE (electricity distribution hub), EDF (Electricité de France), private owners

Commission after competition Conceptual studies, urban planning and landscape management, project management

Team representative Architect - urbanist - landscaper

More Information

How can the site contribute to a productive city?

On the edge of both a dense city and the Euratlantique project site, the Garonne Plain southern sector appears as a territory of juxtaposed, isolated, self-sufficient parcels or activities: a shopping centre, sensitive industries, an artisanal zone closed off from the nearby neighbourhoods under constructed, etc. However, this territory has untapped resources: an entrance to the metropolitan area, accessible riverfront, proximity to a large nature area, etc. The productive city here consists in creating an "interface site" that will lead to urban de-compartmentalization. It raises issues of accessibility and connection, openness to the countryside, reintegration of natural and ecological stability, but also issues of programming and architecture that could transform the image and role of this new metropolitan gateway.

Municipal strategy

Right bank municipalities in the Euratlantique OIN urban plan are experiencing intense urban development, largely housing projects that are replacing former businesses. By reaffirming economic, industrial and productive roles for the Garonne Plain southern sector, Bordeaux Métropole, Floirac and the EPA are expecting from the Europan competition proposals that interweave urban and nature and include the abandoned Eymet railway line, connections from the plain to the surrounding hillsides and a new relationship to the river. The aim is to reconnect the site to the surrounding countryside, improve quality in the Jacquotte business park and increase openness toward the residential neighbourhood. They should also consider future use, presence of nature and constructability on land along the Garonne that establishes a dialogue with the property owners who are partners in the Europan project.

Site definition

The strategic site is partially on a flood plain and includes the Bouliac shopping centre and the docks ZAC urban development zone (1,400 housing units, 40,000 m2 of business, Arena hall) with access from the Simone Veil Bridge. Several sensitive industries including the RTE electricity distribution hub (225,000-volt substation for the city's power supply, 110 jobs) and Air Liquide (production and distribution of oxygen and gas for industry and health services), material and recycling platforms and various artisanal activities (La Jacquotte business park) are on the site. Vegetation and water are present on the site in several reforested areas, the esteys (creeks) and along the abandoned Eymet railway (proposed bicycle route that does not currently link to the river). Little known, little visible and unattractive, the project site is made up of private properties, which, in partnership with their owners, would gradually be transformed.

How is production inserted in the urban diversity programme?

De-compartmentalize spaces, connect, make accessible: The urban diversity hoped for has more to do with interconnecting than hybridizing. Develop alongside the new Simone Veil Bridge new pedestrian, cycling and river accessibility through interfaces and connections to the docks ZAC, shopping centre, the town centre of Floirac and Coteaux Park.
Create a production area highlighting a metropolitan gateway: The Garonne Plain southern sector is the final stage of the Euratlantique project. At issue in the extension of the docks ZAC is development that works with existing activities (industry and small artisanal companies) and the landscape, ecology, and energy resources on the site between the Garonne and Coteaux Park.
Urban planning and architecture adapted to productive activities: The programme proposed aims to encourage companies and participants working in energy transition, renewable energy, innovative services and new forms of mobility as well as the creation of spaces for training, exchange and sharing.
Transitional urban planning: Cooperation between public and private sectors is necessary on this site, which is still in use. The competition should make it possible to come up with a common vision and goal for the site within the city and along the right bank of the Garonne. The subsequent project, developed in partnership with owners, encourages experimental thinking on the sites along the Garonne and for adaptation or adjustment in the artisanal Jacquotte business park.


Viewpoint from Parc des Coteaux
RTE (electricity distribution hub) and wasteland


Jacquotte development area - Panofrance
Ecchobloc Park

Questions on the site

Bonjour, Suite à la consultation des différents documents, nous avons juste noté l'absence du tracé du pont Simone Veil sur le fichier numérique (dxf) du site, ainsi que la délimitation de ce dernier. merci de l'actualiser.

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