E15 Sites - Wien (AT)

Central Node

Site Location New Marx, Vienna, Austria
Project Scales L/S - urban + architecture / architecture + context
Site Family IMPLANTING - Productive uses
Post-competition phase Post involvement in further implementation procedure

See the site page here
See here the map of the different sites


How can the site contribute to a productive city?

Vienna’s concept for the productive city emphasises the value of the manufacturing sector and secures it as a key pillar of sustainable urban development. Embedded in this progressive framework the E15 site builds a mosaic within the larger zone of an ambitious transformation for a mixed-use-area of production and housing. A rather small plot of land, excellently accessible, it shall function as the ultimate experiment for mixing. Different interests need to be orchestrated and resilient synergies found. The site’s position within a traffic hub, its undulating topography, small size and wild nature will pose an extremely exciting and challenging task. The parameters for a mixed industrial site are set here. Amazed and inspired with a visionary pilot scheme for many to imitate.

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