Wien (AT)


Project scale L/S - urban + architecture / architecture + context

Location New Marx, Vienna, Austria

Population 1,867,000 inhabitants

Strategic site 6.5 ha - Project site 1.3 ha 

Site proposed by WSE Wiener Standortentwicklung GmbH

Actors involved City of Vienna, WSE, Austrian Railway Company

Owner of the site WSE, Austrian Railway Company

Commission after competition Post involvement in further implementation procedure

Team representative Architect - urbanist - landscaper

More Information

How can the site contribute to a productive city?

Vienna’s concept for the productive city emphasises the value of the manufacturing sector and secures it as a key pillar of sustainable urban development. Embedded in this progressive framework the E15 site builds a mosaic within the larger zone of an ambitious transformation for a mixed-use-area of production and housing. A rather small plot of land, excellently accessible, it shall function as the ultimate experiment for mixing. Different interests need to be orchestrated and resilient synergies found. The site’s position within a traffic hub, its undulating topography, small size and wild nature will pose an extremely exciting and challenging task. The parameters for a mixed industrial site are set here. Amazed and inspired with a visionary pilot scheme for many to imitate.

City strategy

Facing a rapid population growth, Vienna has developed an ambitious plan to preserve, support and promote productive working places in the city. A new category ensuring a 50:50 mix of housing and production has been implemented in Vienna’s zoning plan, spanning the whole area of New Marx. The challenging brief is to pursue a resilient concept for an urban quarter with innovative typologies using this mix. There is, on the present day, a wide range of production from research, media and creative industries to trade and commerce plus new housing developments have been built or are underway making the site a great springboard for enhancing neighbouring potentials. Europan shall develop a cleverly thought-out network of synergies and smart solutions for a new togetherness.

Site definition

New Marx is located on a central urban and geopolitical axis, between the historic city centre and Vienna’s International Airport. The core profile of the larger site is its commercial use for science and technology as well as media and cultural industries. Together with all these companies situated in the area, the E15 site has ideal conditions to introduce a ground-breaking example mixing new residential typologies with innovative production facilities. The setting is unique - like an island it is framed by buzzing multilane streets, trams and bus lines with a new city rail station on one corner. Access is therefore excellent. Although surrounded by hustle and bustle, upon entering ‘the island’ its topography with its green wilderness grounds the site.

How is production inserted in the urban diversity programme?

One third of Vienna’s value-added features can be attributed to the manufacturing sector. The city has already identified commercial mixed areas as the ideal future for their productive metropolis in the heart of Europe. The E15 site is an intriguing part of a bigger scheme geared towards this essential goal. Therefore an expansion across the entire range of forms of living, working and producing is absolutely necessary. This expansion, which should make use of all manner of synergies and urban interventions, will shape and nurture a resilient community and must continue to work for future generations. At first glance the site’s dichotomy with the juxtaposition of heavy traffic and green spaces and its programmatic mixing of residential and production areas seem to be incompatible.
Find a thorough, comprehensive approach to deal with noise, densities, levels, position of volumes and front and rear elevations in order to come up with a fascinating new conglomeration where all the different uses nd new proximities. Nothing less is asked for than a stimulating and promis- ing project that can succeed in transforming our cities.


Arial view of the site and its surrounding
Streetscape - Rennbahnweg crossing Landstraßer Hauptstrasse


The project site - bikeline towards station building
Current car park on the site

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