E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Sewn Heart

Raufoss (NO) - Winner

Team Representative: Luis Navarro Jover (ES) – architect; Associates: Carlos Sánchez García (ES) – architect; Andoni Arrasate García (ES), Juan Manuel López Carreño (ES), Ignacio Burgos Alvarado (ES), Nuria Martínez Martínez (ES) – architects

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N. Martínez Martínez, L. Navarro Jover, J. M. López Carreño, A. Arrasate García, I. Burgos Alvarado & C. Sánchez García

"Our project proposes to accommodate a mix of homes that adapt and integrate families, couples, attached industry workers, students, etc. in apartments that are regulated from 25 to 110 sqm. These new typologies not only allow this desired social cohesion but also integrates other architectural elements such as leisure, sports, cultural and technological programs."


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