E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Hello, Helsingborg, Productive city, Helsingborg

Helsingborg (SE) - Runner-up

Team Representative: Young Eun Choi (KR) – architect; Associates: Jon Danielsen Aarhus (NO) – architect; Tore Holberg (NO) – artist

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T. Holberg, Y. E. Choi & J. Danielsen Aarhus

"The main issue of our project is to study, understand and give a proposal of a possible way of living in a modern harbour city that is developing and renewing its seafront […] The city grows and there are many driving forces giving shape to the place – we wanted to see and understand the history and particular character of Helsingborg, to make sure we kept on to the city’s quality while at the same time proposing something new. The old serving as a frame to the new."


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