E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Le Faubourg du réemploi

Marseille (FR) - Runner-up

Team Representative: Asimina Mavromatidi (FR) – architect; Associates: Ion Maleas (GR), Margaux Tissot (FR), Martin Ravel (FR) – architects; Matthieu Bloch (FR) – urbanist; Valentine Gilbert (FR) – landscaper

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V. Gilbert, M. Bloch, A. Mavromatidi, I. Maleas, M. Tissot & M. Ravel

"Le Faubourg du réemploi is a project that seeks to valorise the existing in order to turn the working-class neighbourhood of La Cabucelle towards an ecologically sustainable future. Between the abandoned sites of an old industrial world and the building blocks of the urban regeneration project Euroméditerranée […], we believe it is pertinent to find an alternative proposition based on and preserving the active role of the working classes represented in the neighbourhood."


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