E16 Portraits - Aulnat Centripète

Aulnat (FR) - Runner-up


Associates: Biel Susanna Viladot (ES), Maria Domínguez Guasch (ES), Xavier Isart Torruella (ES) – architects;
Beatriz Saladich Nebot (ES) – architect urbanist; Alfonso Bertran Gil (ES) – spatial planner
Collaborators: Valentina Piliego (IT) – landscape architect, Pablo Toubes (US/ES), Marc Castaño (ES) – architects

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Team Portrait

"Aulnat centripète proposes a resilient urban model for the town of Aulnat, based on a concentric system that enhances the singularities of its urban and landscape context. This model consists of four strategies for its sustainable development, aiming to improve its climate comfort and the life quality of the inhabitants: Implementation of a new loop of local public transport, Management of rainwater within the public space network, Creation of interface elements with the surrounding landscape, Creation of a local production strategy. "