E16 Portraits - EQUALINES

Fagerstrand (NO) - Special Mention


Associates: Henry Endemann (DE) – urban planner, Lukas Höller (DE) – landscape architect, Rebecca Smink (NL), Stefano Agliati (IT) – architect urbanists

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"As Fagerstrand is posed for densification, a set of urban questions arises: where should the new center of the town be? How can the protection of unbuilt land be balanced with the protection of residents’ properties? How can the qualities of rural dispersion be aligned with the qualities of urban density? EQUALINES explores these questions through a simple principle: linear concentration. A central urban axis offers equal opportunities for old and new residents by establishing a strong local economy. A re-naturalized seaside restores and celebrates local ecosystems, giving the people of Fagerstrand the chance to experience a thriving post-industrial landscape along a permeable waterfront. A robust green network preserves and expands continuous habitats. The edges between built and unbuilt areas are activated through a variety of functions that enhance porosity between cultural, economic, and environmental flows."