E16 Portraits - Le sol, le roseau et le cycliste

Namur (BE) - Runner-up

Le sol, le roseau et le cycliste

Associates: Julie Maillard (FR), Zélie Davodeau (FR) – architect urbanists 

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Team Portrait

"This isolated area is now home to a unique flora and fauna in the middle of this largely urbanised and agricultural territory. With such open and closed landscapes, this diversity is an opportunity to enrich biodiversity. After the sites were abandoned, a rich fauna and flora naturally and peacefully strove in the area. This biodiversity is an invitation to act humbly. How to offer the people of Namur a pleasant living environment without spoiling the Sart Hulet landscape and disturbing its biodiversity? What urban regulations can we draw from this particular case? And what if the already existing asphalt is key to preserving and revitalising the site?"