E16 Portraits - Medieval Experimentarium

Landshut (DE) - Special Mention

Medieval Experimentarium

Associates: Anđela Karabašević (RS), Ana Petrović (RS), Aleksa Bekić (RS), Marija Matijević (RS) – architects, Vladislav Sudžum (RS) - engineer

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"MEDIEVAL EXPERIMENTARIUM infuses life into the historical milieu of the old prison building of Landshut. Light steel structure, a skeletal double of the two prison wings, is carefully inserted into its courtyard to act as a support system – together the two become a cultural catalyst for the town and its emerging creative scene. This new Vertical Promenade allows for multiple access points into the old, once highly restricted building, opening it entirely to the public. The project speculates about future co-habitation models, where people would live, learn, work, play and grow together in one circular self sustained system."