E16 Portraits - Mutual Valleys

Niort (FR) - Winner

Mutual Valleys

Associates: Mélissandre Phan (FR), Omrane Toumi (FR) – landscapers, François Perraud (FR) – architect

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Team Portrait

"Faced with the issues of climate change acceleration, biodiversity loss and their impact on urban areas viability, we carry the idea that to regain living cities requires a deconstruction of the anthropocentric vision of territories planning in order to consider them through their ecological functions, supporting local specificities (geographical, hydrological, pedological…).
These climatic phenomenons, amplified by anthropic action, are often seen through the notion of risk (floods, floods, droughts…). A paradigm change is then necessary to make them the means of spontaneous resilience. The resulting geographical structures carry regenerative dynamics as much as ecological, economical, social and sensitive, in contact with which urban areas have to transform to become viables.  "