E16 Portraits - Ripples in the water

Risøy (NO) - Winner

Ripples in the water

Associates: Erlend Strønstad (NO), Agathe Monnet (FR), Ona Marija Auskelyte (LT), Ida Ve (NO), Olav Kildal (NO) – architects

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"The project starts by defining a renewed vision for Smedasundet, the strait that divides Risøy from the mainland, as a recreational grand canal. It states that a successful strategy for the city centre, as a whole, depends on the role and vitality of Smedasundet as the most important public space in the city. Through a series of scenarios, the project investigates how developments at Risøy can contribute to this vision while it also takes advantage of a stronger integration in the city to spark social and economic investments in its internal neighbourhoods and public spaces."