E16 Portraits - Vitality!

Västerås (SE) - Winner


Associates: Katharina Ipsen (DE) – architect, Tecla Spruit (NL) – anthropologist, Wolfram Meiner (DE), Cécile Kermaïdic (FR) – students in architecture, Pino Heye (DE) – student in urban planning

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Team Portrait

"The project places itself as a meeting place for all entities involved. We created a strategy with respect to all actors involved, human beings, animals, places, and objects involved in the ongoing process, to establish a metabolic community in space and time. Thus, by providing the necessary tools, we enable the citizens of Västerås to develop a community-driven circular approach, based on our understanding of the value of the city's historical past. By respecting the heritage and the inhabitants and by envisioning a living evolution over time, we see ourselves as the curators of the transformation process."