E16 Sites - Madrid (ES)

"Producer Districts"

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Location 5 urban lands in Madrid city: (1) & (2) Plot F &. G, Gran San Blas // (3) Las Rosas // (4) Fuencarral district // (5) IFEMA trade fair precinct
Scale S / size of each operation + L / scope of the project
Site Family Revitalization - Reinforcing Biodiversity
Commission after competition Several options are considered: Commission for the project; Production of a brand manual or design guide for the Producer Districts projects

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developped and Connected?
The choice of the competition plots is linked to the Madrid City Council's project, “Barrios Productores” (Producer Districts). The aim is to progress towards a change of model in the way we work on the city based on the recovery and regeneration of urban voids in empty or misused plots through a strengthened dialogue between city and nature. We seek to integrate food production with the urban fabric, which will give rise to a dual effect: the renaturalisation of dense urban fabrics and the involvement of residents in initiatives that will collaborate with the conservation of public spaces, improve their everyday landscape and potentially be sources of employment.