E17 Portraits - About belts and hats

Waalwijk (NL) - Winner

About belts and hats

Associates: Joaquim Olea Fernández (ES), Mireia Martín Salvanyà (ES) – architects
Contributor: Olímpia Solà Inaraja (ES) – architect

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"Our proposal aims to make an isolated part of the city livable. The I located project is in a breaking point (A59) with lack of program and identity. Therefore, we propose a system that connects the two sides (the industrial and the historical) with a green mean of transport and thematic programs (mobility, logistic & creative). We take care of the milieus by integrating the existing natural & urban infrastructures and adapting them to this new place. The outcome is green and livable, a new center in Waalwijk where people live and work."