E17 portraits - en sueurs . chroniques d'une vallée transpirante

Bernay Terres de Normandie (FR) - Winner

en sueurs . chroniques d'une vallée transpirante

Associates: Julie Beauté (FR) – philosopher, Lena Cissé (FR) – landscape architect, Mathilde Lecomte (FR) – architect urbanist, Camille Pastier (FR), Pierre Bouilhol (FR) – architects
Contributors: Jules-Valentin Boucher (FR) – architect

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"“en sueurs” takes as its thread the transversal and transcalar notion of sweat: sweating concerns human and non-human agents, on different scales of time and space. It enables us to address ecological and social issues in a non-naïve way, without hiding the dirty and troubled aspects of the living. Paying attention to scorching processes already there, our sweaty approach appeared to be affective, embodied, relational and political."