E17 Portraits - Switch on the Swales

Graz (AT) - Runner-up

Switch on the Swales

Associates: Arthur Rundstadler (FR), Charlotte Sampson (FR), Marion Conte (FR), Léa Malga (FR) – architects, Jean-Pierre Serna (FR) – architect-urban planner, PHD sociologist
Contributors: Berenice Aubriot (FR), Esteban Borteele (FR), Bertille Bourgarel (FR), Amélie Lhomet (FR) – architects, Magda Meziane (FR) – architect illustrator

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"The “switch on the swales” master plan uses water as its physical and metaphysical matter to link people and spaces, to build places and landscapes, to high quality of life at the global warming era. We wandered what if, rather than mastering the water, we decide to follow it? To think like water: circulate, infiltrate, reflect or purify... We used this magic to give new meaning to the territory."