E17 Portraits - Symbiotic Landscape

Åkrehamn (NO) - Runner-up

Symbiotic Landscape

Associates: Maicol Negrello (IT) – Landscape architect, Filipo Fiandanese (IT), Alessia Carena (IT), Federico Demichelis (IT), Marthe Van Endert (BE), Sara Barera (IT) – architects, Silvia Lanteri (IT) – architect urbanist,
Contributor: Cara Geldenhuys (ZA) – architect

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"We decided to approach the landscape and urban issues not only from the physical/material point of view - something that could partially come later, in the next steps - but also considering the project as a strategy for the city, a phased process that can direct the future transformation of the urban spaces in an ecological dimension, supporting the variety of vegetal and animal species that can co-live there."