E17 Sites - Åkrehamn (NO)

Åkrehamn (NO)

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Location Åkrehamn, Karmøy
Scale XL/L
Site Family Let the birds sing! / Reimagining public space as a biodiverse landscape

Commission after competition Commission valued at 500.000 NOK (ex VAT) in 2024/25 for developing the project further through involving users, giving feedback to the zoning plan and revising designs. Karmøy municipality retains the option to increase the commission’s size and scope with another NOK 500.000 at a later stage. The winners will also meet local stakeholders and developers with possibilities of negotiating private commissions.

Inhabited milieu's challenges
The residents of Åkrehamn feel a great deal of pride in the beautiful landscape surrounding the town. Now, it is time to elevate the town itself to a place where people can meet, live and feel safe in their everyday lives. A place that people can be proud of. The municipality wants to incorporate co-creation into its plans and has taken the initiative to partner up with local stakeholders as well as the county to participate in Europan. The competition will form the backbone of a plan for how to create the future Åkrehamn and forms part of a broader co-creation process where the goal is a legally binding plan and public-private partnership that will be used as a tool in the process of transforming the centre from plan to reality.