E17 Sites - 'T Zoet (NL)

'T Zoet (NL)

"Cultural quarter’ at the river Mark"

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Location Etten-‘t Zoet, Breda
Scale L/L
Site Family Think tabula non-rasa / Designing new habitats as a holistic environment

Commission after competition The concepts, typologies and/or approaches generated in the competition may lead to commissioning of further studies. Follow up research by design assignment at the project site or a site with similar challenges may be commissioned by the municipality of Breda and/or private partners. All Dutch locations are situated in the urban region called SRBT. Each sites represents prototypical design challenges within this region.

Inhabited milieu's challenges
‘T Zoet is designated to become be a complementary, inclusive, energy-neutral and international living and working environment as part of Crossmark and elaborated in conjunction with the water, nature and climate ambitions of Zoete Delta and the mobility challenges associated with ‘t Zoet and Breda.