Europan 15 Results Catalogue


For the fifteenth edition of the competition EUROPAN will publish, before the summer 2020, the catalogue of the winning projects on 47 European sites from the 12 participating countries.


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The catalogue constitutes a unique panorama in Europe of young European talented designers working between the urban and architectural scales.

The 136 E15 winning projects (44 winners, 47 runners-up and 45 special mentions) are presented by thematic site families (Changing Metabolism - Multiplying and connecting agencies; Changing Metabolism - From linear to circular economy; Creating Proximities - Third spaces in-between; Creating Proximities - Interfaces and short cycles; Implanting - Productive uses; Implanting - Productive milieux). Each project is developed from the point of view of Productivity and followed by the teams’ and juries’ points of view.

Each of these six chapters will open with a thematic analysis article, offering interpretations around the most symbolic E15 winning projects; the interpretations are based on the main themes of the Productive Cities and present the vision of different European experts.

The competition sites will be presented on one page, on which the site representatives answer three questions around the issue of the Productive Cities and their visions on the theme, giving a better understanding of the local issues.

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