Europan Generation(s)

With Europan Generation(s) Europan explores the development of the winning teams and show their post-competition practices to better understand the direct & indirect effects Europan can have and the way winning ideas can further develop. What are the practices of the former winning teams years after their prize? Did they create an office? What type of projects do they design? Is there a continuity between the europan winning ideas and their further projects?

Touzimsky Herold & Mehlem

"After winning Europan we have been invited to a lot of competitions […] The implementation helped to be recognized not only amongst architects, but also amongst politicians and developers and we found ourselves within the public realm and discussions about the relation of housing and city production. And that is why we feel like we are part of the Europan generation, because it gave us the chance to position ourselves within that rather complex universe of social, political, cultural, spatial and technical constraints. Europan is a unique organisation that challenges thinking and designing in a broader sense, that allows different approaches and confronts the scales of urban planning and architecture."

Read the portrait here

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