lexicon E17:

A local project is defined by physical or geographical borders. A village is an example of locality, which is usually defined by its settlement area. Alberto Magnaghi has revived the idea of a local project that is more attentive to identities and places; this project would establish a new "pact between local actors" in order to achieve "the enhancement of the heritage and the preservation of the environment (environmental sustainability)”, essentially to guarantee the renewal "of the territorial characteristics (territorial sustainability)”. But the definition of “local” is re-examined because for some people it curtails the realities of a more globalized world, which would be better interpreted through the notion of “Translocality”. “Translocality” is a variety of enduring, open, and non-linear processes, which produce close interconnections between different places and people. These interconnections and various forms of exchange are created through migration flows and networks that are constantly questioned and redesigned.

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