lexicon E17:

Due to climate change, the risks linked to human action (anthropogenic risks) and the natural risks (linked to a natural hazard), essentially due to the predominance of human action on the environment, are combined risks and linked to several natural and anthropogenic phenomena at the same time. It is a matter of studying them, understanding them, avoiding them but also knowing how to adapt to them. Natural risks can be climatic (droughts, hurricanes, etc.), flooding (storm surges, floods, etc.), geophysical (earthquakes, volcanism), gravitational, i.e. purely slope-related (landslides, avalanches, etc.), or sanitary (pandemics and epidemics, etc.). These so-called natural risks are amplified by human action and are combined with anthropic risks: technological (oil spills, factory explosions, etc.), social and political (wars, ethnocides, etc.), food (famines, various shortages), air, water and soil pollution, which have major health consequences.

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